Adding your own rooms (renders), visible in Floori Lite

In order to be able to add your own room to the Floori Lite visualizer, a suitable render must be created. Rendering in three-dimensional graphics involves analyzing the model of a given scene and creating a two-dimensional output image in static or animation form. During rendering reflections, shadows, refractions, etc. are considered. Below is an example of a room render :

In order for a room render to be usable in the Floori Lite visualizer, it should be created according to the following guidelines:


Guidelines for preparing scenes, masks and lightmaps:


  • The resolution of the scene (render) standard –> 2k = 2048 × 1080, or full HD = 1920 x 1080
  • All files (scene + mask + lightmap) should be in .jpg format
  • mask:
    • must be in the same resolution as render
    • the floor should be white and everything else should be black (opaque, only black)


  • lightmap (black and white image showing lights and shadows falling on the floor):
    • note that the gradient of black and white on the lightmap should be mild – so that there are no so-called burnouts:

      the correct lightmap:

    • the lightmap can have up to 50% less samples than the render and the resolution can also be half of the resolution of the rendered scene (it does not have to match 1:1 in quality)
    • the floor for the lightmap, instead of the plank / carpet / tile etc., should be changed to gray:
    • “Roughness / Glossiness” parameter for a gray floor – approximately 0.5 (or as desired)
    • everything except the floor CAN be masked, but it doesn’t have to be (the file will be smaller then)

The example of the correct lightmap:


Perspective / camera parameters required:


  • Camera height above the floor
  • Camera view angle in degrees (field of view)
  • Camera rotation in X, Y and Z axis (where Z axis is vertical axis)
  • Unfortunately, the camera cannot be moved horizontally or vertically – the so-called ‘shift’ – which is quite a popular procedure in interior visualization. Otherwise, Floori’s algorithm will not be able to understand the right perspective.

Camera parameter example:

Height = 1.6 m
FOV = 73.7398 d

Rot X = 90 d
Rot Y = 0 d
Rot Z = 0 d

Hot to add own rooms in floor visualizer – Floori Lite

The resolution of the scene (render) standard –> 2k = 2048 × 1080, or full HD = 1920 x 1080
All files (scene + mask + lightmap) should be in .jpg format

Let’s do it together

Implementation fee for a custom room scenes:
  • From a 3D render with a camera settings provided: $80/room scene
  • From a photo with camera settings provided: $80/room scene
  • From a photo without a camera settings: $120/room scene
Additionally, we can prepare a custom room scenes based on a customer requirements: $25/h. Usually it takes around 8-10h for a final room scene delivery. Customer can also provide 3D models or other parameters they would like to use in the scene.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Hello@Floori.io 🙂

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