Meet Floori Display

Your secret weapon for showroom and event flooring sales. Lease our new interactive stand as a permanent fixture for your store or for use in trade fairs to show your products in the best way possible.

Large 32 Inch Touch Screen with simple and intuitive design.

Built-in computer for large computational tasks: Intel i7 processor, 16GB RAM, High-speed SSD

Durable and light metal housing

Universal and modern design

Short and long term leases, as short as 24 hrs!

Lease our new interactive stand as a permanent fixture for your store or for use in trade fairs: Contact Us

Under a sleek white housing is a fully functioning computer, that can load Floori Lite and any other web or desktop application. Stand out among the competition at trade fairs. Delight customers in the showroom.

Let customers add their own photos via USB, Bluetooth, e-mail and visualize your floors in their rooms. Intuitive UI with large icons and buttons allow for a self service customer experience, with or without a salesperson’s guidance.

Traditional design catalogs and room scenes only provide visualization tools for visualizing floors in pristine, designer rooms. What this means is that the customer has to use their imagination for how that particular floor would look like in their actual home. We all know this can be very difficult and adds unnecessary tension to the sales process. In this day and age, samples are only a supplement to the customer's decision, and customers are demanding visual aids that show products in their own homes. The algorithms built into the Floori visualizer automatically detects the shadows, and other lighting features and apply them to the new floor being rendered. This creates a hyper realistic flooring render because it takes into account the lighting in the uploaded room photo. Floori Display will make finding your dream floor a fun and exciting experience again, relieving decision anxiety over color and pattern choices. Being able to “try before you buy” gives customers more confidence when making their decision and decreases the likelihood of buyer’s remorse. By default, Floori Display supports Floori Lite, which will have your products pre-loaded onto the software. You can also load any other application via Web / Desktop application.

Use AR to see Floori Display in 1: 1 scale. Open this page via smartphone to see how it will fit into your showroom or conference booth!

Thanks to modern, minimalist design, Floori Display will stand out without overwhelming your existing brand image. Our specialists will take care of transport and installation of Floori Display in the location of your choice.

Our sample projects:

Price list

24 hrs

99 EUR

1 week

399 EUR

1 month

999 EUR

All amounts quoted are net prices.

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In the case of long-term rentals, prices are set individually.
Lease our interactive stand as a permanent fixture for your store or for use in trade fairs for as short as 24 hrs

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