Floori BIM

is a dedicated service for a flooring manufacturers to create 3D models in the BIM standard based on the flooring product details

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a standard that completely changes the approach to design, implementation of investments and building management.

BIM is particularly important for the flooring industry in terms of cooperation with architects and investors as well as taking part in public tenders.

Why you should have BIM?

  • Every party involved in the project (e.g. suppliers, architects, contractors of the ongoing construction of a new building) works with the same data model. This way the risk of any misunderstanding is minimized.
  • The percentage of construction companies using BIM technology is constantly growing. Architects and interior designers use programs such as ArchiCad, Revit and AutoCAD Architecture on a daily basis.
  • A chance for better cooperation with architects and designers who require suppliers with BIM files in a given project.
  • Ability to participate as a supplier in public tenders that require documentation in the BIM standard.
  • Stand out among the competitors.

BIM - what kind of information does it contain?

  • Certificates held
  • Possible flooring patterns
  • The exact dimensions of the individual boards / tiles
  • Fire resistance
  • Finishing options available
  • Price
  • Other required (or helpful for architects) and product-specific data

BIM role in a building life cycle

How we work | Floori BIM Services

Collecting information and photos of products

We collect your flooring textures files along with the specific data. We can also make the best quality photos/scans of your floors.

Creating BIM files

Our qualified 3D CAD team creates dedicated "packages" for you with files in the BIM standard.

Uploading files on Floori platform

The ready BIM "packages" will be delivered to you online or placed on Floori BIM platform for further access for architects and all other interested parties.

Full integration with the Floori suite

Floori BIM Success Story | Jawor-Parkiet BIM

For our client Jawor-Parkiet, a manufacturer of wooden floors, we have created a virtual product platform based on the BIM standard. Architects, distributors, interior decorators can easily download the entire Jawor-Parkiet floor database using a dedicated platform and immediately use the files in their CAD software of choice, creating realistic visualizations and plans in accordance with the investor’s requirements in BIM standard.

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