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“When the customer can future proof and see like ‘wow, this is what it’s gonna look like when it’s done’, they get emotional about it, you know? And that emotion causes them to buy.”


 Brandon Vaughn – Wise Coatings



Marcin O.
August 25, 2022
Comprehensive marketing&sales support of flooring products
Web-based application, works well on mobile, simple implementation, gives tangible benefits not only for the seller, but first of all for the user . It is so popular that our competitors already have it 🙂
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Verified Reviewer
August 8, 2022
Prático, preciso e essencial.
O software agilizou meu processo de avaliação de projetos, além de agregar valor à apresentação inicial e tomada de insights. Excelente interface, intuitivo e extremamente prático! Ótimo para validar ideias conceituais e apresentar projetos rapidamente. Poderia mudar a direção da paginação, alterar cores das paredes para melhorar a composição, assim como objetos acessórios, como escadas por exemplo.
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No worries, just fill out a form to request custom products. Flakes or flake style products are free, metallics and other products like stamped concrete that require more imaging editing have a small fee per SKU.

A session is any time a user ENTERS a visualization session on the visualizer by either A) uploading a photo OR B) choosing a specific roomscene. One can preview unlimited number of SKUs within a session, that will still only count as one session. But if you upload a photo, try a few SKUs out, then go back and check out a specific roomscene and try a few SKUs out there, then the total sessions spent would be 2. 


Session limits vary based on plans. For plans between $150-250/mo the session limit is 200/mo. For plans $355/mo the session limit is 500/mo. We do not immediately upgrade you for surpassing your sessions, we simply monitor a three month trailing average and if you are over 25% of your allotted sessions then we would ask that you upgrade. Remember if this is happening then this is good, you guys are closing more $$ with our help!!.

Yes our algorithim allows you to segment and apply different paint/wall coverings to the walls on a photo. Please reach out to your CS team representative and they can help you with the setup.

This is totally possible and very easy to do in fact! 
Yes! We offer these additional services to help your business thrive:
1. Facebook ads – We have helped some companies getconsistent and reliable business by using Facebook ads. We helped Rubber Decker get $33,000 of revenue and $12,000 of profit from just $500 of ad spend. We analyze your competitors and have a proven system for running high-converting Facebook ads to get 6-8 extra appointments per month
2. CRM/automations – If you are struggling to keep in touch with leads, we can plug an advanced automation sequence into your CRM. Brandon Vaughn, the founder of Wise Coatings, says that automation is the thousands of dollars per hour tasks that businesses must focus on to thrive in today’s economy.
3. High-converting landing page – Do you not have a website or have a website that isn’t optimized for conversions? We can build you a high-converting landing page for just $800 when bundled with a visualizer. Of course, the visualizer would also be installed on the landing page too.
Absolutely! Anything that is sold on floors and walls can be visualized in our software, so if you have any questions be sure to call us and we’ll help you out the best we can! Our team can custom add any floor or wall covering and include it in the visualizer.

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