Advanced Standards for Floor Smoothing Compounds: A New Era in Flooring Industry

In a significant move, flooring industry experts, led by prominent figures like Dominik Kison and Dr. Norbert Arnold from Uzin Utz, are spearheading a campaign for distinct application standards for floor smoothing compounds, setting them apart from screed mortars.

The Need for Clear Distinction in Flooring Materials

The flooring sector has always differentiated between floor smoothing compounds and screed mortars. Yet, recent trends show a blending of these categories, necessitating the establishment of clear, separate standards.

Emphasizing the Distinct Roles: Floor Smoothing Compounds vs. Screed Mortars

Floor smoothing compounds, crucial for trades involved in laying floor coverings, significantly vary from screed mortars in terms of composition and application. The introduction of the new application norm (E-DIN 53298), currently in draft form, marks a pivotal moment in flooring material standards.

Understanding the Current and Proposed Standards

Presently, standards like DIN EN 13318 and DIN 18560-1 outline screed mortars’ uses. The new norm aims to distinctly categorize floor smoothing compounds, underlining their unique role in ensuring quality floor construction.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Flooring Quality and Standards

This initiative for a distinct norm for floor smoothing compounds signifies a significant shift in understanding and utilizing flooring materials, potentially leading to enhanced quality and efficiency in the industry.

Analyzing the Impact: From Contractors to Manufacturers

  • Flooring Contractors and Installers: Adapting to new standards and practices will be crucial.
  • Manufacturers: Product specifications and marketing strategies might need revising.
  • Regulatory Authorities: Updating and enforcing new norms will be essential.

Broader Industry Implications: Innovation and Quality Enhancement

The implementation of these norms is expected to result in superior flooring installations, driving innovation in flooring material production and usage.


Advanced Standards in Flooring Materials,” Parkett Magazin, December 15, 2023

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