Discover our rendering & digitization services for the flooring industry

We create scans, photorealistic renders, and promotional films for all types of floors - All that in a BIM standard!

High quality photography and floor scanning services

We offer a professional service for creating scans and photos of all types of floors based on your own physical products. As a result you receive comprehensively prepared "Seamless" photos and textures, ready to use in:

Photorealistic rendering and 3D animation service

We create photorealistic renders based on your specified requirements. They are an integral part of our photo creation and floor scans service. Renders are the perfect way to present your products on:

  • Website & Ecommerce
  • Social media - Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube
  • Product Catalogues

Delight, and inspire your potential customers with our photorealistic renders and animations that tell the true story of your products

Service: Increasing the resolution and quality of your existing floor textures

Do you have a problem with low quality photos of your floors? We offer a service to increase the resolution and quality of photos and entire textures libraries:

  • Wood Floor
  • LVT
  • Concrete
  • Ceramics and Natural Stone
  • Floor Skirting/Baseboards
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Carpets
  • Rugs

UV & PBR maps

Technology under the hood: UV Maps and PBR (Physical Based Rendering) are materials that interact with light in the same way that real objects do. These PBR materials are responsible for the photorealism from our renders. Thanks to our algorithms, we are able to even extract PBR maps from photos that have already been taken. Show off your products in the most photorealistic way and let us handle your product digitization needs.

Creating floor files and textures as a BIM standard (Building Information Modeling)

BIM is a standard that completely changes the approach to design, implementation of investments and building management. BIM is particularly important for the floor industry from the point of view of cooperation with architects, designers and investors as they take part in RFPs and other projects. You can learn more about the BIM standard and how companies from the floor industry can benefit from its implementation Floori BIM

Our realizations

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