Cevisama 2024: A Fusion of Architecture, Design, and Sustainability

Cevisama Expo

Valencia Hosts the Landmark 40th Anniversary of the Premier Trade Fair

Valencia, Spain, is once again the focal point for the flooring industry as Cevisama announces an exceptional program for its 40th anniversary from February 26 to March 1 at Feria Valencia. This year’s event promises to be a comprehensive showcase of design, innovation, and sustainability, bringing together some 500 brands and over 100 expert speakers from around the globe.

Plaza Activa: The Heart of Cevisama 2024

At the core of this year’s event is the Plaza Activa, a grand stage set to host forums, awards, and presentations. “This impressive stage is meticulously prepared for a variety of events including the architecture and interior design forums, as well as the distribution and Alfa de Oro awards ceremonies,” states Carmen Álvarez, Cevisama’s director. The Plaza Activa symbolizes Cevisama’s commitment to fostering dialogue and showcasing excellence within the industry.

Highlight Events and Forums

The program kicks off on February 26 with the New Architectonics Forum, focusing on architectural trends and their implications for the hospitality and tourism sectors. José Luis Valenciano brings a deep dive into sustainability and digital transformation within the ceramics industry, setting the stage for the prestigious Alfa de Oro Awards, celebrating innovation and excellence in ceramics and construction materials.

February 27 marks a day of celebration and reflection, beginning with a tribute to interior designer Antonio Segura, followed by the highly anticipated Architecture Forum featuring luminaries such as Fuensanta Nieto and Matthias Sauerbruch. The day culminates in the 40th Anniversary event, a testament to Cevisama’s enduring legacy and influence.

The subsequent days are packed with insightful discussions on industrialized construction, the evolving role of construction companies, and the renewal of the stone industry. Notably, the Architecture Forum continues with distinguished architect Néstor Montenegro sharing his acclaimed work.


Interior Design and Innovation

The Interior Design Forum on February 29 shines a spotlight on the influential work of Paul Dieterlen, Rocío Boscá, and Isabel López Villalta, offering fresh perspectives on design trends and sustainability. This leads into discussions on how territory and geometry serve as foundational elements of architecture, further enriching the program’s diversity.

CevisamaLab Awards and Sustainability Focus

The event draws to a close on March 1 with a focus on sustainability in the New Architectonics forum, showcasing successful examples of industrialized construction. The CevisamaLab Awards highlight the event’s commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering innovation for the future of the profession.


Cevisama 2024 stands as a monumental gathering for the industry, celebrating 40 years of progress and innovation. Through its comprehensive program, Cevisama continues to be a pivotal platform for sharing knowledge, exploring new trends, and recognizing excellence in the fields of architecture, design, and sustainable construction.

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