Cevisama 2024 Honors Excellence in Distribution with Prestigious Awards

Cevisama 2024

Recognizing the Pillars of Progress in the Ceramic and Bathroom Industries

In a grand celebration of professionalism and dedication, Cevisama 2024 is set to honor the vital contributions of distributors to the ceramic tile and bathroom equipment industries. The much-anticipated International and Domestic Distribution Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, February 27, at 6 pm in the Plaza Activa, situated within the heart of Feria Valencia. This event stands as a testament to the sector’s unwavering commitment to excellence, marking a significant moment in the industry’s annual calendar.

A Salute to Outstanding Sales Management and Market Adaptation

The Distribution Awards at Cevisama are designed to recognize the exceptional sales management and adaptability of businesses within the ceramic tile and bathroom equipment distribution sector. “These awards aim to acknowledge and endorse the hard work and professionalism of distributors who have adeptly navigated market changes over the years,” explained Carmen Álvarez, Cevisama’s director. This accolade not only celebrates the sector’s achievements but also its crucial role in bridging the gap between producers and consumers, thereby enriching the end consumer experience.

International and Domestic Winners Spotlighted

This year’s awards shine a light on both Spanish and international distributors who have exemplified excellence in their field. Among the international honorees are POINT P from France and FIRED EARTH from the UK, recognized as the best distributors in the European Union and non-EU Europe, respectively. From across the Atlantic, MEROLA TILE of the USA has been distinguished as the best distributor in the Americas, with TAIF ALRAQI TRADING COMPANY claiming the title for best Asian distribution company. In the bathroom equipment category, MARX SANITARIOS from Peru has been lauded for its transformational leadership.

On the domestic front, CEVIROC and AMADO SALVADOR stand out as the best Spanish distributors, embodying the excellence and innovation that drive the sector forward.


A Ceremony Reflecting Industry Evolution and Excellence

The upcoming awards ceremony, part of Cevisama’s landmark 40th anniversary, is poised to be a captivating event, acknowledging the distribution sector’s pivotal role in facing current challenges. These include digital transformation, enhancing customer relations, and optimizing processes. “These awards are a reflection of the sector’s constant evolution and the tireless pursuit of excellence,” Álvarez highlighted, underscoring the industry’s boundless potential for growth and innovation.

Conclusion: A Milestone Event Celebrating Distribution Excellence

As Cevisama 2024 prepares to celebrate the outstanding contributions of distributors to the ceramic tile and bathroom equipment industries, the Distribution Awards ceremony promises to be a highlight of this year’s fair. This event not only honors the achievements of leading distributors but also reinforces the importance of distribution as a key link in the industry’s value chain. As the sector continues to evolve, Cevisama remains at the forefront, showcasing and rewarding the hard work and professionalism that fuel its progress.


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