Domotex 2024: A Resounding Success with a Focus on Sustainability and International Networking

Domotex 2024 concluded with notable achievements, attracting around 18,000 visitors from 140 countries and approximately 1,000 exhibitors. This year’s event highlighted sustainability innovations in flooring, while also expanding its reach to include products for walls and ceilings.

DOMOTEX 2024, held in Hannover, Germany, marked a significant rebound and growth for the flooring industry, showcasing a diverse range of innovations and trends.

Key highlights included Lico AG’s Lico Denim floor product combining denim, wood, and cork to reduce textile waste, and Amorim Deutschland GmbH’s usage of cork and other renewable resources in flooring. The event also featured CFL Flooring’s Tenacity Eco-Composite Flooring, a 100% recyclable, PVC-free product. DOMOTEX’s focus on sustainability was further emphasized with the debut of products for walls and ceilings, aimed at creating a comprehensive interior design experience.

DOMOTEX has long been a pivotal event for the flooring industry, offering a global platform for networking and showcasing new products. Innovations in installation and carpet tufting were also spotlighted, along with various awards recognizing sustainability efforts.

DOMOTEX 2024 successfully integrated the latest trends and developments in flooring, setting a new standard for sustainability and international collaboration within the industry.


Impact on Various Stakeholders:

    • Manufacturers and exhibitors benefited from international exposure and networking opportunities.
    • Retailers and designers gained insights into the latest trends and sustainable products.
    • Consumers will likely see an increased availability of eco-friendly and innovative flooring options.

Overall Impact on the Industry:

    • The focus on sustainability and international networking at DOMOTEX 2024 indicates a shift towards more environmentally conscious practices in the flooring industry.
    • The expansion into wall and ceiling products suggests a growing trend towards comprehensive interior solutions.


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