Innovative Solutions for Combating Moisture in Wood Flooring Installations

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Addressing the Billion-Dollar Moisture Damage Challenge in the Flooring Industry

The United States has witnessed a significant financial toll due to moisture-related damage in flooring, with claims surpassing the one billion dollar mark. Wood flooring installations over wood subfloors are particularly vulnerable to a spectrum of moisture-induced issues, manifesting as discoloration, warping, cupping, and even rotting of the subflooring and flooring planks. Beyond structural damage, high moisture levels can foster mold, mildew, and bacteria, posing serious health risks.

The Critical Need for Professional-Grade Moisture Protection

To mitigate these costly and hazardous scenarios, industry experts strongly advocate the use of professional-grade moisture retarding systems. These systems are designed to shield wood flooring from the detrimental effects of moisture ascending from below the subfloor assembly. Properly preparing the subfloor to handle slight moisture fluctuations without long-term exposure is essential for safeguarding installations.

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Advancements in Moisture Retardation Technology

Recent innovations have introduced one-component, semipermeable, roll-on moisture retarders that provide essential moisture protection while laying the groundwork for subsequent installation stages. These solutions enhance subfloor integrity and improve adhesive bonding, offering a preemptive defense against moisture for glue-down or glue-assist installations. Many of these products align with sustainable building practices by featuring solvent-free and low VOC compositions, yet still achieve Class II perm ratings as per the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) standards.

Self-Leveling Underlayments for Optimal Subfloor Preparation

For further subfloor preparation, self-leveling underlayments designed specifically for wood substrates can ensure a flat, level, and smooth surface. Incorporating rapid setting technology, these underlayments accommodate the fast pace and rigorous demands of modern projects, facilitating a swift transition to a ready-to-install state in just a few hours.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Diverse Installation Challenges

As the industry confronts the complexities of installations over unconditioned spaces and wood subfloors, a broader array of products now empowers installers to swiftly tackle potential moisture issues, achieve an ideal surface profile, and apply compatible adhesives effectively.

For more insights on moisture mitigation strategies and detailed installation guidelines, professionals are encouraged to consult the NWFA’s Installation Guidelines.

About Sika Corporation

Nick Mizzone, Marketing Coordinator at Sika Corporation, emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the flooring industry’s pressing challenges. Sika’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in addressing moisture-related issues continues to support the industry’s advancement. For further information and resources, visit

In the face of evolving challenges within the flooring installation sector, embracing these advanced moisture protection and subfloor preparation solutions is key to ensuring long-lasting, safe, and aesthetically pleasing wood flooring installations.


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