NTCA’s Free Tile Training: Workshops & Regional Sessions

NTCA training program

The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) is doubling its efforts in industry education with an extensive tour across nine states, offering 17 free workshops and eight regional trainings this year. This initiative aims to equip professionals in the tile industry with essential skills and knowledge while fostering valuable connections within the community.

Expanding Educational Opportunities

Led by NTCA technical trainers, individuals with extensive experience in tile installation, these workshops and regional trainings provide participants with firsthand insights from seasoned professionals. The workshops, spanning three hours in the afternoon or evening, cater to a diverse audience including tile installers, contractors, sales personnel, and members of the architecture and design community. Participants can expect an interactive learning environment focused on standards-based installation practices, with ample opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange.

Workshop Topics

Topics covered in the workshops include the ins and outs of layout for contractors, best practices for tile installation professionals, troubleshooting common failures, and an exploration of tile technology and membranes. Additionally, attendees can anticipate meals provided and chances to win valuable prizes.

Regional Training Sessions

The regional training sessions offer an immersive, all-day experience for tile installers, combining traditional and cutting-edge tools, materials, and techniques. Limited to 20 participants per session to maximize learning, these hands-on sessions delve into practical knowledge rooted in ANSI standards and methods outlined in the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation. Topics for the February regional trainings include the installation of porcelain panels (GPTP/Slabs Training) and substrate preparation for large-format tile installations.


This expansion of NTCA’s training program underscores the industry’s dedication to continuous learning and advancement, ultimately raising the bar for excellence in tile installation practices.

Impact Analysis

  • Professionals: Industry professionals stand to benefit significantly from this expanded training program, gaining valuable skills and insights to enhance their expertise and stay updated on industry standards.
  • Sponsors: Sponsors supporting these initiatives demonstrate a commitment to advancing the industry through education, positioning themselves as leaders in promoting best practices and innovation.
  • NTCA: By significantly increasing the number of workshops and regional trainings, NTCA strengthens its role as a leading provider of industry education and professional development opportunities.
  • Tile Industry: The emphasis on standards-based practices and hands-on training contributes to raising the overall quality and professionalism within the tile industry, benefiting stakeholders across the supply chain.



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