Discover the Art Behind a $40,000 Swedish Carpet: A Journey of Craftsmanship and Design

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a luxurious, high-end carpet that commands a price tag of $40,000? Join us on a fascinating journey into the world of Swedish carpet making, a craft that combines ancient techniques, artistic design, and a deep connection to nature.

The Philosophy of Carpet Making

Imagine a carpet not just as a piece of decor but as a symphony of art. The founder of Marta Maas Studio believed that carpets should resonate like music, where the weavers play the role of musicians, bringing the composition to life.

A Century-Old Legacy

The studio, inspired by Oriental carpets, has kept alive the legacy of artist Marta Maas. With over 1,000 unique designs, each carpet is a testament to her timeless artistry.

The Backbone of Carpet Weaving

The process starts with the ‘warp’, the foundation of the carpet. Weavers meticulously line up threads, ensuring the longevity and strength of the carpet.

A Rainbow of Colors

Delve into the studio’s treasure trove of yarn, boasting 8 tons in up to 1700 colors. The colors, dyed as needed, play a crucial role in bringing the designs to life.

Nature as the Muse

Much of the inspiration for these carpets comes from nature’s palette, echoing Sweden’s rich landscapes and floral beauty in their patterns.

The Art of Rollakan

The studio employs the traditional Swedish technique of ‘Rollakan’, a flat weave that ensures durability and intricate design work.

Weaving Bonds Along with Carpets

The creation of each carpet can take up to a year, during which weavers develop a unique bond, sharing stories and skills, thus enriching the carpet’s narrative.

The Emotional Connection

These carpets are not just home decor; they become a canvas of life’s experiences, capturing moments of joy, sorrow, and transition.

A $40,000 Swedish carpet is more than a luxury item; it’s a piece of living history, a blend of art and emotion. Each carpet tells a story, not just of its creator but of the lives it touches. Next time you see a handwoven carpet, remember, it’s not just fabric and color; it’s a melody composed in threads, waiting to be heard.

In a Swedish coastal town, a small group of weavers create the most coveted carpets and tapestries in the world. Made is a series of short films that demonstrate how everyday luxury objects are made, and honor the process and artisans behind them.

Video by Gloria Kurnik and Leila Hussain

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0:03 – Philosophy of Carpet Making
0:34 – A Century-Old Legacy
1:03 – The Backbone of Carpet Weaving
1:24 – A Rainbow of Colors
1:50 – Nature as the Muse
2:12 – The Art of Rollakan
2:40 – Weaving Bonds Along with Carpets
3:32 – The Emotional Connection

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