Expert Tips on Choosing the Perfect Floor Color for Your Space

Have you ever brought home a floor color sample that looked perfect in the showroom, only to find it doesn’t suit your space? The secret to choosing the right floor color lies in understanding color perception. Join us as we explore expert tips from Clarisse Robles on selecting the ideal floor color.

Understanding Color Perception

It’s All About Context

Color perception is influenced by surrounding colors and lighting. A color might look different in the showroom than it does in your home because of these factors.

The Role of Lighting

Types of Bulbs

Different bulbs, like incandescent or CFL, affect how we perceive colors. For instance, warm lighting intensifies warm tones, while cool lighting can mute them.

Natural Light

The direction your room faces impacts the natural light it receives, influencing how colors appear. East-facing rooms get bright yellow light in the morning, while north-facing rooms have cooler, dimmer light throughout the day.

Choosing Surrounding Colors

Energizing vs. Calming Looks

Use the color wheel to decide if you want to intensify colors for an energetic look or choose similar undertones for a calming, cohesive appearance.

Observing Existing Elements

Consider the existing elements in your space, such as wall colors and furniture, and how they interact with your floor color.

Tips for Selecting Floor Colors

Finding the Right Undertone

Identify the undertone of your wood flooring. Common undertones include yellow, orange, red, pink, green, and purple.

Neutral Browns

Neutral browns like espresso and walnut are versatile and can harmonize with various colors.


Selecting the perfect floor color is not just about finding a shade you love; it’s about understanding how lighting and surrounding colors will interact with it in your space. By considering these factors, you can choose a floor color that truly complements and enhances your room.

If your in the market for a Hardwood, Laminate, or Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) floor you know how challenging it can be to find the right color. Just when you thought you found the right color at your local flooring design center, you take it home and realize it looks nothing like what you saw in the showroom. What is going on? Why is this happening? Corona Hardwood’s resident designer Clarisse Robles takes a deep dive into the science of finding the perfect color floor for your space. In this video Clarisse goes over color theory and how you can apply this concept when decorating/designing your space. She will also help you identify and work with the lighting and color in your space. If your struggling to find the perfect color floor for your home you wont want to miss this video.

If you are interested in purchasing the color wheel featured in the video please visit the link below.…

0:00 – Introduction
0:50 – Optical Illusion – Importance of seeing samples in your space
1:51 – Lighting & Surrounding Colors
2:01 – What is the dominant light color of your space
2:15 – How Incandescent or Edison Bulbs affects color
3:12 – How (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Lighting affects color
4:03 – How (LFL) Linear Fluorescent Lighting affects color
4:52 – How LED Lighting affects color
5:14 – Natural Lighting in your space
6:07 – Addressing reflected light issues
6:44 – Direction of the room (Directional Light)
6:54 – East Facing Rooms lighting
7:07 – West Facing Rooms lighting
– North Facing Rooms lighting
7:48 – South Facing Rooms lighting
8:36 – Intensifying or muting Colors
10:29 – Samples at the store don’t look the same at home
10:38 – Wood Undertones, matching with similar colors
11:13 – What are the common undertones in wood?
11:27 – Yellow Flooring Undertones
11:54 – Orange Flooring Undertones
12:18 – Red & Pink Flooring Undertones
12:35 – Purple & Taupe Flooring Undertones
13:19 – Finding a neutral natural brown floor. Walnut & Espresso
13:50 – Conclusion

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