Garage Floor Epoxy 15 Months Later


    • Andrew Bacon revisits his garage floor epoxy project 15 months after initially completing it in June of 2022.

Overall Feedback:

    • He’s extremely pleased with the results.
    • Despite initial hesitations and delays, he’s glad he took on the project.
    • The garage is frequently used, and the epoxy has held up well, looking almost brand new.

Learnings & Recommendations:


    • Wall Paint: Painting the walls where they meet the floor gives a cleaner look. Andrew painted the concrete sides, and it made a noticeable positive difference.
    • Sun Exposure: The clear coat of the epoxy can turn yellow with prolonged sun exposure. A strip of his garage floor turned yellow due to sun exposure when the garage doors were closed.
    • Heavy Objects: Large objects, like dumpsters, can scratch the clear coat. Andrew’s dumpsters, which are moved in and out weekly, caused some scratches.
    • Vehicles: He doesn’t park vehicles inside the garage due to concerns about heat from engines or tires causing damage to the epoxy. However, his camper, which is lighter, doesn’t pose any issues.


    • The garage is a central part of his daily routine, with his office and workshop located there.
    • He recommends viewers to watch the original video, which is close to hitting a million views.
    • Encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more content.
    • Expresses gratitude for the support and looks forward to the next video.

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