Transform Your Countertops: 13 Popular Epoxy Designs

Discover how to rejuvenate your kitchen or bathroom countertops with epoxy. Stone Coat Countertops presents 13 popular epoxy designs, perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to upgrade their spaces with luxurious finishes. Let’s dive into some of the highlighted styles:

Soapstone Epoxy Finish

Replicate the sophisticated look of soapstone using black and white dyes with Stone Coat epoxy. This simple technique mimics the elegance of real soapstone, ideal for those seeking a subtle, yet luxurious, countertop finish.

Caramel Marble

Achieve the rich, swirling beauty of caramel marble with brown dye, diamond dust, and white dye. This exotic pour technique creates an instantly captivating countertop finish that’s as sweet as it sounds.

Black Marble

For a dramatic flair, the black marble finish uses black metallic, black dye, and white metallic. Hand meld these components and add isopropyl alcohol to achieve a natural, fractured look that’s both dark and dazzling.

Black Galaxy

This vanity favorite, especially popular in bathrooms, captures the essence of the cosmos with its deep black background and sparkling accents. It’s a simple yet striking choice that brings a piece of the galaxy into your home.

Exotic Dark Marble

Combining dark black mica and black dye, this exotic dark marble design is luxurious and mysterious. Pour directly from the bucket for a unique, natural piece that’s full of depth and character.

Earth Tone Exotic Pour

Incorporating copper, dark bronze, and black dye with a touch of white, this earthy design is all about layering. Hand meld these colors and add alcohol to create a stunning piece with depth and warmth.

Blue Fractured Granite

Blue fractured granite is a showstopper, with the addition of blue significantly increasing the perceived value of natural stone. Recreate this luxurious look with epoxy for a fraction of the cost of real Van Gogh granite.

Baltic Brown

Replicate this popular granite with copper and bronze mica powders. Mist the surface with isopropyl alcohol to leave behind beautiful metallics, then cover with clear epoxy and fog with black spray paint for an instant Baltic brown look.

White Marble

Create a classic white marble with a white base and accents of white metallic powders and a hint of black. This design is timeless and elegant, perfect for any space seeking a touch of sophistication.

Green Marble Hand Meld

For those who love nature, the green marble design uses dark browns and shades of green to create a lush, verdant look. Let your creativity take over and enjoy the endless possibilities with these versatile color ratios.


With Stone Coat Countertops’ epoxy kits, the possibilities are endless. These 13 designs only scratch the surface of what you can achieve. Whether you’re drawn to the subtle elegance of soapstone or the dramatic flair of black marble, there’s a DIY epoxy solution for you. Remember, with a bit of creativity and the right materials, you can transform your countertops into works of art.

Have you seen Stone Coat Epoxy’s comprehensive kits? Check out how easy each recipe is to create!


00:00 – How to make Soapstone with Epoxy
00:26 – How to make Caramel Marble with Epoxy
00:49 – How to make Black Marble with Epoxy
01:10 – How to make Black Galaxy with Epoxy
01:24 – How to make White Exotic Marble with Epoxy
01:47 – How to make Black Exotic Marble with Epoxy
02:07 – How to make Natural Earth Tones with Epoxy
03:02 – How to make Blue Fractured Granite Exotic Pour with Epoxy
03:33 – How to make Blue Fractured Granite Hand Meld with Epoxy
04:18 – How to make Baltic Brown with Epoxy
04:47 – How to make Carrara Marble with Epoxy
05:22 – How to make Exotic Carrara Marble with Epoxy
05:39 – (Coming Soon) How to make Green Marble With Epoxy 

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