Transform Your Space with DIY Floor Tiling: A Complete Guide


Revamping your kitchen doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools, materials, and a bit of guidance, you can transform your space into a modern haven that reflects your personal style. This guide will take you through the process of tiling your kitchen floor, inspired by Ty and Shai’s kitchen makeover featured on Lowe’s Home Improvement YouTube channel.

Choosing the Perfect Tiles

Where to Start

Begin by selecting tiles that complement your kitchen’s aesthetic. Ty and Shai opted for terracotta hexagon tiles, adding warmth and a contemporary edge to their kitchen. Explore online selections for a wider variety of options and the convenience of direct shipping.

Preparing Your Space

Measuring and Demolition

Measure your kitchen to determine the square footage of tile needed, adding an extra 10% to account for cuts and waste. Safety is paramount during demolition, so gear up with the right protective equipment before you start removing the old flooring.

Laying the Foundation

Subfloor and Membrane Installation

Addressing the subfloor is critical. Ty and Shai discovered additional flooring layers and subfloor damage, leading to necessary repairs. Once fixed, install a tile membrane to ensure a sturdy base for your tiles. This step is crucial for waterproofing and protecting your subfloor.

Installing the Tiles

Spreading Mortar and Setting Tiles

Mix your mortar to a peanut butter consistency, and apply it using a notched trowel. Back butter each tile for full adhesion, and use spacers to maintain even gaps between tiles. Reference lines or a laser level can help keep your tile placement accurate.

The Finishing Touch: Grouting

Sealing the Deal

After laying the tiles and allowing the mortar to dry, it’s time to grout. Remove spacers, apply grout, and work it into the lines, wiping away the excess. This step unifies the look of your floor and seals the gaps between tiles.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning Up and Enjoying Your New Space

With the grouting done, your kitchen transformation is nearly complete. Clean up, add your personal decorative touches, and revel in the new look of your kitchen. Ty and Shai’s project is a testament to the fact that with patience and attention to detail, you can achieve professional-looking results on a DIY budget.

Learn how to DIY a stunning tile upgrade like a pro! This step-by-step guide covers it all: installing an underlayment, proper tile placement, learning how to cut with confidence, creating clean and even grout lines, and achieving a professional result. Follow along as homeowners, Chey & Ty, conquer their kitchen renovation with expert guidance from our Lowe’s Red Vest Associate, Andrew! Make your home improvement dreams a reality and learn everything you need to DIY a stunning tile floor.
Tools and Materials needed for this project:
– Bedrosians Makoto Umi Terracotta Tile:
– Hammer:
– Prybar:
– Uncoupling Membrane Thinset Mortar:
– 5 Gallon Bucket:
– Ribbon Mixer:
– Drill:
– Notch Ceramic Floor Trowel:
– Waterproofing Tile Membrane:
– Utility Knife:
– Waterproofing Tile Membrane Tape:
– Flooring Float:
– Putty Knife:
– Laser Level:
– Tile Spacers:
– Level:
– Rubber Mallet:
– Wet Tile Saw:
– Grout:
– Grout Saw:
00:00 – Intro
– How To Choose Tile
01:19 – How To Determine How Much Tile To Buy
– Demoing The Floors
01:45 – Tools & Materials
– Preparing the Subfloor
02:20 – Laying Tile Membrane
03:38 – Placing Tiles
05:32 – Cutting Tiles
06:06 – Level vs Flat
06:37 – Grouting Tiles
07:33 – Final Thoughts
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