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How to sell more rugs?

Ar Flooring is a store that sells rugs and carpets. They have a whole range of prices and designs. You can also order from them online.
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The challenge in selling rugs is that you have to get in front of a customer and show them why they should buy from you. The internet has made it easier, but you still have to make the contact.
In the process of selling more rugs, your most likely competition is not other companies in your industry. You are competing with retailers who sell all kinds of home goods including rugs. This is why they can offer lower prices because they don’t specialize in just one product category.
Furthermore, there’s a good chance that most customers will be coming into a retail store looking for a rug and they’ll be eyeing similar products from different manufacturers before making a purchase decision. So how do you set yourself apart?

Use Rug Visualizator from floori

AR is the new frontier for retail.
AR is an exciting new frontier for retail because it provides us with yet another opportunity to reach our customers where they are.
The rug visualizer is something that consumers can use to see what a rug would look like in their own home. It allows you to place the rug anywhere in your house and see how it would look before you buy it, which can often lead to impulse purchases.

Floori – get more sales with using the newest technology:

The Floori is an incredible way for customers to visualize what their flooring will look like in their personal environment. It is a virtual reality application that allows people to see what the flooring will look like in various spaces before they purchase it. One of the best features of the Floori iframe is how realistic it looks. When you are using this app, you can really see how your flooring would fit into your space, along with seeing the potential difference in color schemes and textures. All you need is paste your photo of room, and it’s done. Visualation is high quality and it can be done by floori software. You can find what you need from the comfort of your own home and then order it online!

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