New Features in Floori Release 2103

We are happy to inform you that Floori is constantly expanding. We’re listening to your comments and suggestions for the development of our software. Based on this, we have designed many new features within Floori Portal and Floori Lite. They significantly increase the possibilities of product management and, above all, improve the experience of visualizer users.

The new features are:

  • New “Mix” floor pattern
If the floor has more than one size, you can select the “Mix” pattern for it. Then, on Floori Lite, a given floor will be visualized from many different planks in a selected length range.
  • Possibility to add different textures depending on the size of the product
The “Tiles” tab will no longer be visible when adding / editing a product in the Floori Portal. The feature of adding tiles (textures) for floors and rugs has been moved to the “Pricing & Options” tab. There you can add separate textures for each of the dimensions of the floor / rug. After clicking the “Upload” button, a pop-up is displayed where you can add the textures.
  • The possibility to hide product sizes in Floori Lite
If you do not want the dimensions of your products (textures) to be visible on the visualizer, then you can turn off their visibility. This option is available in the Floori Portal in the product data, in the “Pricing & Options” tab. There is a checkbox “Don’t show dimensions on the visualiser” – if it is selected, then the dimensions of the product will not be visible in the visualizer.
  • Editing the order of catalogs and products
In the Floori Portal, there is a new button “Edit order mode”, which when clicked on move to the edit order mode for catalogs and products. In a given mode, you can drag&drop catalogs and products to a desired place or set the alphabetical order (A-Z or Z-A). After saving, changes to the order of products and catalogs will be visible in Floori Portal and Floori Lite.
  • Default product selection
In the mentioned edit order mode there is also the “Select default product” button. After clicking this button you can select or unselect the default product. The default product is the first product shown to your customers, when they visit your Floori Lite.
  • Texture generator
Floori Portal now has its own texture generator! This option is available in the Floori Portal in product data, in the “Pricing & Options” tab. There is a button “CAD texture “, which when clicked on display a pop-up. There we can choose the dimensions of the planks / tiles and texture dimensions. Then you can define the file format (.obj, .gltf, .glb, .dae) and generate your texture.
  • Product Gallery
This option is available in the Floori Portal in product data, in the “Product Gallery” tab. There you can add photos of the rooms where the given floor has been installed or any other inspirations related to the given floor / rug. Currently, photos added there are not displayed in any way on Floori Lite. However, we think about the possibility of using them in the visualizer in the future 🙂 Now we propose this feature to all of you who want to use Floori as your Product Information Management center (PIM).
  • Support for the Portuguese language
Floori Portal and Floori Lite is now also available in Portuguese. You can change the language settings in “Account Settings” and in the “Floori Lite” tab in the Floori Portal.
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