New Testimonial Video on Floori’s Impact

When you need to buy a new grill, what’s the first thing you do?

You might search online and find the top three or four models you’re interested in, and then you sit down to read the reviews. If it’s got 4.8 stars or above, it’s almost a sure buy. A product with 4.2 – 4.7 stars means you could be interested for the right price. Anything below 4 stars isn’t even in consideration.

But what about products for your business? Those can be a bit tricky. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from people with first-hand experience whether or not a new product would help grow your business?

Otherwise, how do you know what you’re getting is right for you?

We understand your apprehension when deciding to invest in a new sales tool, particularly one that may deal with technology you’re not yet familiar with. So to help you see exactly what you can expect with Floori, we sat down with Joe from Nadine Floors and asked him a few questions.

Press play below, or read the full transcript below!


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How do you like the Floori software?

The Floori app is amazing. I’ve been using it for some time now. Really good app. Really, really sets you apart from everybody else. When you go to the customer’s house and pull out your tablet and show it to the customer and you display the floor in their home, it really amazes. One of the hardest things for me is, for a lot of salespeople is kinda getting the customer to visualize what the floor is gonna look like in their home. We can do it because we do so much to help them visualize it with colors. But once you pull your tablet out and really show them it, it really sets you apart from other salespeople and other companies and really helps you to close the deal and move faster with the deal. Also this app really helps you develop trust between you and the client. Floori is an excellent app, I love it, I’m gonna continue to use for sure.

Would you recommend Floori Software to other retailers and distributors?

I do recommend it for other retailers, well not really because I don’t want them to sell as much as I do. But I do recommend it for other retailers cause it really helps. It helps you, like I said, it sets you apart, it’s unique.

Do you need computer skills to use floori software?

You really don’t, the app is really easy to use, it’s user friendly, you don’t have to be a computer person or a technology person in general to use it, You pull it out, take a few minutes to train on it and you’re good to go.


Why Floori?


Boost your flooring sales and save time with Floori. Find your Floori solution at:

Floori is the ultimate in-home flooring sales tool. No more carrying around bulky samples – instantly see what any floor will look like before it’s installed!

Visualize, measure, quote, and close the deal. All in the same day. Floori provides your sales team with the tools they need to seamlessly deliver the best decision-making experience to your customers.

Floori is packed with features and is easy to use! Built with input from some of the leading manufacturers and software providers in the industry, just tell us the products from your catalog you want to visualize and we’ll take care of the rest!


Feature Highlights

– Measurements

– AR Visualizations

– Extensive database of vendor product images / SKU’s

– Estimation Tools

– Save and Share your visualizations

– Take notes about the current projects

– Ability to export project summary / overview

– Quickly upload your product catalog to use in the app

– Converts traditional product images into high-quality seamless textures


Visualize Any Floor


– Browse through your curated product catalog

– Instantly visualize how any floor will look in your home using augmented reality

– Found the perfect floor? Tap to save to your personal list or share with friends

Personalize Your Catalog

– Upload your favorite products

– Or choose from over 100K products already in our

Accurate Measurements

– Measure the customer’s home

Quotes and Estimates

– Generate instant quotes to close the deal


Closing Thoughts:


-Are your customers having a hard time imagining what small flooring samples might look like on their floor?

– Have you spent weeks with customers that can’t make a decision because they don’t have the confidence to make a decision quickly?

– Does generating accurate quotes and estimates take you more than 5 minutes?

If you answered yes to any of these, then Floori might be your new favorite flooring software.

We developed Floori because, for years, we would hear our flooring retailer friends and family complain about extra long sales cycles and low closing rates.

If you’re ready for higher close rates and shorter sales cycles, give us a shout

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