How to Upgrade Floori Account and Add a Credit Card


In this guide, we’ll go through the process of upgrading the existing Floori account and adding a credit card to it step by step. Before we start please make sure you’re logged in to account you want to upgrade or log in at https://portal.floori.io/login.


These are the steps we will follow:

  1. Add billing address
  2. Choose plan
  3. Add a credit card


Information about the current plan and any payments can be found in “Payment & Subscriptions” tab on the left side of the menu.

1. Add Billing Address

In order to upgrade Floori account and add a credit card, we’ll need to check if you have already entered your Billing Address / Invoice data. In order to do that go to “Payment & Subscriptions” tab on the left side of the menu.

If you see “No billing address found. Please add a billing address to purchase a subscription plan.” click “Add Billing Address”.

If you already have entered  your address feel free to go to the next step.

This will take you to “Account Settings” menu. Here click on “Change invoice data” button.

After you click it you’ll be able to fill all needed fields with information about your company.

After filling it all click on “Save” button. We’ve successfully added a billing address, now we’re ready to move on to the next step!

2. Choose plan

After successfully adding an address go to “Payment & Subscriptions” tab on the left side of the menu.

Whether it’s about the Floori Lite or Floori Professional click accordingly “Change Plan” or “Purchase Subscription Plan”. Options of plans will naturally differ, but the process for getting both is the same.

After clicking, you’ll see the available plans. Choose one and click “Upgrade Plan”. This way you’ll be taken to the next step of the process.


3. Add a credit card

If you’ve done the previous steps correct you’ll get to the view like this:

This is a standard Stripe payment form. Add your card information and click “Pay” at the bottom.

At the same time you should get an email with a status of the transaction.

This is it. Congratulations and welcome to Floori!



The Floori team will be happy to support you at any time using the application. If you have questions, please contact Hello@Floori.io

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