Impact of Advanced Flooring Apps

Since the dawn of time, people have taken great pride in building and designing incredible home living spaces. No matter how the interiors turn out, flooring is an integral part of the equation. Whether it is a corporate workspace, or a small home by the countryside, one will have to spend a lot of time meticulously looking for the right flooring to fit their use case and design.

Given the recent advancements in science and technology, the entire flooring industry also has seen a massive shift. Today, right from the palm of your hands, flooring apps can help you get a handle on your flooring project.

The online home improvement landscape is constantly changing, and many leading flooring companies offer applications and software to help customers visualize what different flooring options would look like in their home. You can even build accurate estimates and quotes with these apps in just a few minutes.

These visualization tools are important because customers often find it hard to visualize what a floor would look like in their space when they are given only a few planks or tiles as samples.

These flooring applications and the tools are mostly geared towards satisfying the requirements of the end customer. But it’s not just the end customer that can benefit, even real estate agents can also use these to do on the spot virtual staging, which can help buyers make their purchasing decisions faster.

About the Trending Flooring visualizer

The introduction of Augmented Reality has brought a revolutionary change in the flooring market, and in recent times, this technology has seen more progress than ever. While similar to Virtual Reality (VR), AR is different in that you can use it to alter existing environments, such as a person’s home.

AR technology is ideal for both in-store and in-home sales experiences. It helps customers find appropriate products and has really changed the way flooring has been designed and sold in the past few years.

Choosing the right flooring is not easy, but with the introduction of augmented reality flooring applications, consumers are more empowered than ever to make the best choice for their flooring needs

By uploading a photo of a soon-to-be remodeled room, these applications will analyze the image, crop out the floors of the existing image, and replace them with different flooring options for the customer to choose from. This is all done in seconds and via web application so anyone can access these tools from anywhere with access to internet. The major benefit is that you do not need physical samples anymore to make a floor buying decision.

In the past, a customer had to order a flooring material sample online or pick them up from the store, and even then the samples were not very useful since the samples are typically quite small.  These small samples make it especially difficult for customers to visualize what the end product would look like installed in their home.

In more recent times, the answer came in the form of a flooring app. The application makes the customers’ life much easier by helping them truly preview what a floor would look like in their home, before they installed it, with the power of augmented reality. This really helps save time when doing research, designing, and prevents consumer regret.

Features of a Flooring Application

The availability of different flooring sales tools has helped many companies close deals successfully. These top-rated flooring applications are easy to use and do not require much of your time. The fast and straightforward results help companies to satisfy the requirements of their customers appropriately. Here are some essential features of these applications available in the market for reference:

  • Any Time, Anywhere

You get to use the application round the clock without any hassles. The application is available for 24/7 for customers via web application, as long as you are connected to the internet, then you are ready to use the application and browse through the store collection. The application also works on all devices including desktops and mobile devices.

  • Floori Professional: Measure, Visualize, and Quote In Three Steps

Another aspect of this application is that it helps users get pain-free quotes from companies with three simple steps. Measure, visualize, and build an accurate quote within a few minutes.

With these applications, you can start a new project based on the home or room you are wanting to remodel. Then, you can trace the floor plan out via the AR measurement tools to output a 2D floor plan that includes linear length and square area information for the room that was measured. Once you’ve done that you can open the visualization feature and use real time AR, view what different products would look like installed in your home.  Once you’ve favorited a few products, you can then build a quote using our custom quoting tool.

  • Portal Management

Managing the products that are loaded onto the flooring visualizer is important, as you know inventories change all the time and being able to remove or add new products quickly from an administrator level is very important for any fast moving flooring company. A back-end administrator Portal serves as the hub for businesses to manage the user catalog and enhance user access quickly. The feature also includes an analytic dashboard that keeps track of the user activities.

  • Real-Time Experience

A real-time AR experience is ideal for providing realistic flooring visualizations. Being able to walk around a customer’s home and show them in real-time how their floor would look like with different options brings a lot of excitement and allure to the selling process.

Another thing to note about these tools is that these aren’t restricted to your floors only, there are many other AR room design tools out there for interior design use cases.

Hopefully by now you’ve come to realize all the possible ways AR technology and flooring applications are empowering customers to select their floors. The era of comparing tiny samples to each other is over, and bridging the imagination gap has never been easier


As you can see now, AR’s flooring tools have completely changed the home and interior design forever. People all over the world can get unlimited access to realistic product visualizations at the click of a button.

Leading brands and experts believe that this technology has changed how the world sees flooring projects. So, tell us, what has been your experience with AR flooring applications available in the market?


How to use flooring app?

It’s pretty simple. Find a floori – best floor visualizer, add photo of your room and get info how the floor would look in your room/house.

Are the floor visualizers future of the flooring?

Yes, totally. The flooring e commerce is growing by 10% yearly. With the best tool “Floori” you are able to get more and more leads.

Features of a Flooring Application?

Use it – Any time, anywhere
Real-Time Experience
Easy Portal Management
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