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Why Flooring Visualizers are important

Day after day you guide your flooring customers down the aisle, showing them countless laminate and hardwood options. You show them sample after sample but nothing seems to be going anywhere.

Wife doesn’t want to break the budget but wants the natural hardwood look and her husband doesn’t like any of her suggestions and worries that the “cheap laminate won’t look good in our living room.”

This is a classic case of the “indecisive Johnson family.” 

And to be honest, it’s not their fault; I mean how are they supposed to commit on a $5,000+ flooring job, when all they have to work with are these tiny in-store samples?

Imagine being able to take all those tiny samples and digitally insert them into actual photos of their living spaces.

What if it was just as easy as clicking a button without any time-consuming, hard to learn design software? 

  • Would you use it?
  • Could you ever go back? 

Most importantly, would your customers let you go back…?


Why Flooring Visualizer important

    (An animation showing off Floori’s augmented reality flooring visualization tool)

The technology to do just this is here and it’s called augmented reality (AR). Flooring visualizers utilizing AR allow customers and salespeople to visualize different types of flooring in real time, live on an iPad or similar device.

  • How many customers would go home more satisfied with their experience?
  • How much quicker would you close sales?
  • How would this affect buyer’s remorse??

Look, we know what you’re thinking:

  • Why change up your current sales process? 
  • New technology is a hassle to learn, yeah?  

Implementing software causes headaches and it’s easier to stick to the way things have always been done, right?

Wrong. New technology and disruption exist in every industry and home goods are next, according to The successful companies of today are the ones who, twenty years ago, took the plunge on the breakthrough technology in their space. 

Why Flooring Visualizer important

    (An animation showing off Floori Professional)

  • Do you think Blockbuster wishes it hadn’t ignored streaming technology?
  • What about taxi cabs companies and their lack of phone-friendly technology?
  • How about Sears and e-commerce?

Well, Netflix, Uber and Amazon were more than happy to take those sales for themselves.

Customers shape sales processes…



Customers are spoiled and it shows in what they expect from companies they do business with. If headphones aren’t wireless, they won’t buy them. If shipping takes longer than two days, they’ll go to Amazon. If the website is too slow, they’ll move on to the next website.

User experience has become absolutely key, and that begins the second a customer is taken to your company’s website. If a shopper sees that your company’s website has a flooring visualizer, their decision-making process just got a whole lot easier and your sales funnel just got a whole lot more efficient. 

Whether we like it or not, commerce and technology have become so intertwined, it is often difficult to draw a line between the two. Our customers expect seamless integration or they will look elsewhere, which is why it’s important to take those technological jumps that might seem scary at first. The brave companies of today will be the industry leaders of tomorrow and with the coming 2019 retail slowdown, only the most innovative companies will be able to weather the storm.

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