Floori AR Rugs

Ever wish you could boost your conversion rate and sell more area rugs through your online store?

    Thanks to this, it's possible to place 3D models of area rugs or hall runners on any flat surface directly from your website or e-commerce store!

    The Floori AR Rugs approach significantly reduces implementation costs and our one-click visualization naturally converts more site visitors.

    Example implementation

    Runrug.com is a dedicated brand of the British company, CarpetRunners.com, which offers carpet rugs and hall runners, cut to size for each client. Floori AR Rugs allows customers visiting the Runrug.com website, to see how their dream area rug or hall runner will look in their rooms - all in one click and without any annoying app downloads.

    Join the companies boosting their sales with our comprehensive flooring visualizer & sales tool

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