A Deeper Dive into COVER Connect Las Vegas: A Beacon of Innovation and Design

Cover Las Vegas Connect

The Mandalay Bay Convention Center Lights Up with the Second Edition of CCLV

In the heart of Las Vegas, amidst the city’s iconic dazzle and dynamic atmosphere, the second edition of COVER Connect Las Vegas (CCLV) unfolded last month at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, alongside The International Surface Event. This year’s assembly, which integrates StoneExpo, TileExpo, and Surfaces, was not just a repeat but a significant expansion from its inaugural year. With exhibitor numbers more than doubling and a new, premium location adjacent to the Wools Pavilion at the main show entrance, CCLV shone brightly as a pivotal section within the larger event landscape.

Unprecedented Visitor Engagement and Exhibitor Diversity

CCLV saw a remarkable influx of traffic, with a diverse group of visiting buyers primarily from the USA, showcasing a national interest that spanned beyond the West Coast to include over twenty states. This national representation underscored the fair’s reach and importance, with attendees like Anna Augusto from Augusto Fine Rugs noting the event’s convenience and the allure of exploring new offerings, specifically highlighting the tribal colorful rugs from Samad Rugs as a significant draw.

A Unique Marketplace for High-End and Entry-Level Discoveries

The event revealed a nuanced shopping mentality, differing from previous experiences such as COVER Connect New York. Exhibitors engaged in varied conversations with known clients, exploring other product lines and discovering new interests. A particular enthusiasm was noted among visitors previously dabbling in carpet sales, who were now drawn to the comprehensive range of high-end rugs. Despite a general inclination towards more accessible, entry-level price points, the appreciation for the craftsmanship and design of the offerings was palpable.


Specialized Exhibitors Capturing Attention

Specialty products and unique offerings became focal points of interest, attracting considerable attention from the trade. Exhibitors like DMI, with its natural plant fiber rugs, and Pampas Leather, showcasing cowhide rugs, stood out, demonstrating the market’s appetite for distinct and specialized products. Momeni’s return to Surfaces was warmly received, marked by a steady flow of intrigued buyers, while innovative concepts like Battilossi’s mood board and Zollanvari’s vibrant gabbehs added a splash of color and creativity to the show floor.

Engagement and Networking: The Core of CCLV’s Success

The strategic booth layouts and the use of hybrid sample/digital platforms by exhibitors such as Tamarian, French Accents, and others facilitated a dynamic and interactive environment. This approach not only showcased their custom pieces effectively but also encouraged deeper engagement and networking opportunities among attendees. The presence of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and targeted tours further amplified the event’s reach and impact.

Anticipation for COVER Connect Las Vegas 2025

With positive reports from exhibitors on successful engagements and the establishment of new accounts, the second edition of CCLV has set a high benchmark for future events. Exhibitors like Stark Studio Rugs and Pampas Leather highlighted the event’s potential as an annual highlight on the West Coast, indicating a bright future for CCLV in the flooring and surface design industry.

As preparations for COVER Connect Las Vegas at Surfaces 2025 commence, the event promises to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation. Those interested in being part of the next edition, from January 28–30, 2025, are encouraged to reach out for application details and opportunities to showcase their products to a broad and engaged audience.

In Conclusion

The second edition of COVER Connect Las Vegas has not only solidified its place within The International Surface Event but also highlighted its role as a catalyst for showcasing the latest trends, innovations, and designs in the flooring industry. With its expanded exhibitor base and diverse visitorship, CCLV is poised to continue its evolution as a premier event, driving forward the conversation and development within the industry.

Source: COVER Magazine

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