Revolutionizing Home Décor: GAN’s Reversible Collection by Charlotte Lancelot

Gan Rugs Lancelot

GAN’s Groundbreaking Reversible Collection

In a remarkable leap forward for the flooring and home décor industry, GAN’s Spaces collection unveils the Reversible rugs and ottomans. This innovative line, crafted by the renowned designer Charlotte Lancelot, perfectly encapsulates the essence of GAN‘s philosophy: “double use, double life, double-faced.” These pieces are distinguished by their unique ability to adapt to different seasons, featuring designs with no defined front or back, ideal for transitioning from a light summer feel to a cozy winter ambiance.

Charlotte Lancelot and GAN: Weaving a New Future

The synergy between Charlotte Lancelot and GAN’s creative team is a focal point in modernizing the traditional art of weaving. The Reversible line, drawing inspiration from regions experiencing significant temperature shifts, is a brilliant reflection of Lancelot’s vision. This concept initially came to fruition thanks to a grant from the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles and the collaborative efforts of Marie Beguin from No More Twist.

Rug Design

A Blend of Artistry and Innovative Techniques

The Reversible Collection is a showcase of unique hand-loom techniques, curated specifically for this line by Lancelot and GAN’s skilled artisans. This technique intertwines various thread thicknesses and materials, leading to a product with two distinct finishes: luxurious 100% virgin wool on one side and a sumptuous blend of linen and cotton on the other. The wool side is embellished with marble-like textured patterns, while the linen side offers a sleek, solid design.

The Versatile Pouf: A Stylish and Functional Addition

The collection’s aesthetic extends to the square pouf, aligning with the rugs in terms of design and functionality. These poufs serve multiple purposes, from seating to footrests or even as temporary tables, thanks to their foam filling and practical dimensions. Their covers are easily interchangeable, revealing the alternative textile side, and are adorned with a playful, colorful contrasting cord.

Conclusion: The Impact on the Flooring and Home Décor Industry

Charlotte Lancelot’s Reversible Collection for GAN is a significant milestone, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. This collection addresses the growing consumer demand for functional, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile home furnishings. It is a shining example of sustainable, artisanal values in modern home décor, poised to set new trends in the industry.

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