5 Key Interior Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we’re diving into the world of interior design! Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just starting out, it’s easy to fall into common design traps that can cheapen the look of your home. Inspired by Reynard Lowell’s popular YouTube video, “5 Biggest Interior Design Mistakes That Cheapen Your Home & How To Fix Them,” we bring you a concise guide to sidestepping these pitfalls and crafting a space that’s both elegant and uniquely yours.

Say No to Generic Artwork

Your home should reflect your personality, and nothing says “bland” like generic prints and overused quotes. Instead, opt for art that speaks to you. Whether it’s custom pieces from local artists, unique finds from Etsy, or cherished personal photographs, these choices add a touch of personal flair and avoid the cookie-cutter feel.

Scale Matters: Right-Sized Furniture and Deco

An often-overlooked aspect of interior design is the scale of your furniture and decor. Items that are too small can make a room feel disjointed. Choose rugs that anchor your space, artworks that appropriately fill wall space, and a coffee table that balances your seating area for a harmonious look.

Curtain Call: Hanging Techniques for a Luxurious Feel

The way you hang curtains can dramatically affect the feel of a room. To create an illusion of higher ceilings and larger windows, mount your curtain rods closer to the ceiling. Ensure your curtains are the right width and length to maximize natural light and add an air of sophistication.

Clutter-Free Living: The Art of Selective Display

A cluttered space can feel chaotic and uninviting. The key is selective display. Opt for closed storage for everyday items and carefully curate what you exhibit on open shelves. This approach helps maintain a clean, organized, and stylish living space.

Harmony Over Uniformity: Mixing and Matching Done Right

While matching furniture sets might seem like a safe choice, they can make your space feel flat and uninspired. Embrace variety by mixing textures, tones, and silhouettes. This approach not only adds interest but also allows your personal style to shine through.

Transforming your home into a stylish and cohesive space doesn’t require a complete overhaul. By avoiding these common interior design mistakes, you can create a home that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also uniquely yours. Remember, the most beautiful homes are those that reflect the personalities of those who live in them.

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In this video I’ll go through five of the biggest interior design mistakes that will cheapen the look of your home as well as tips and tricks on how to fix them.

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