Bona Expands Global Reach with Acquisition of Ezi Floor Products


In a strategic move to solidify its presence in the Australian market, Bona, a leading global provider of timber floor products, has officially announced the acquisition of Ezi Floor Products (VIC) Pty Ltd (EFP), a Melbourne-based distributor. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Bona’s expansion strategy, turning a longstanding partnership into a formal union within the Bona family.

The Acquisition Details:

Strengthening Ties:

EFP, the exclusive importer and national distributor of Bona products in Australia for over two decades, will transition to a subsidiary of Bona. Magnus Andersson, CEO of Bona, praised EFP’s trusted position in Australia, emphasizing the anticipated growth and expanded presence in the region.

A History of Collaboration:

Founded in 1994 and expanding to Melbourne in 2000, EFP has been at the forefront of distributing Bona products, cementing a relationship based on mutual growth and shared values. Chris Heaney, Managing Director of EFP, expressed excitement over joining the Bona Global Network, highlighting the potential for increased product offerings and new business avenues, including e-commerce and contractor network expansion.

Vision for the Future:

Elin Rodenstam, Bona’s Senior Vice President for commercial activities in EMEA and APAC, underscored the acquisition’s role in bolstering Bona’s footprint and securing long-term growth in both Australia and the broader APAC region. The move is seen as a key to unlocking greater success and fostering stronger connections with customers and teams in Australia.

Impact and Future Prospects:

Expansion and Growth:

The formalization of this acquisition in February 2024 signifies Bona’s commitment to expanding its global reach, now boasting 17 subsidiaries across various continents. This strategic expansion is poised to enhance Bona’s market position, offering comprehensive solutions and support to contractors and homeowners in Australia.

Enhancing Customer Experience:

By integrating EFP into its global network, Bona aims to leverage local expertise and deep market understanding to improve product access, customer service, and innovation. The move is anticipated to enrich the Australian flooring industry with advanced technologies and sustainable flooring solutions.


The acquisition of Ezi Floor Products by Bona represents a significant development in the flooring industry, promising enhanced service delivery and product innovation in the Australian market. As Bona welcomes EFP into its fold, the flooring community watches with interest to see how this union will shape the future of flooring solutions and practices in Australia and beyond.

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