CALI Bolsters Flooring Lineup with NALFA-Certified Laminate Shorebreak Collection

Cali Floors

A New Era of Flooring Excellence

CALI, a leading name in the flooring industry, has proudly announced its induction into the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA), marking a significant milestone in its journey. This prestigious membership is celebrated with the launch of the CALI Laminate Shorebreak collection, a testament to CALI’s innovation and commitment to quality. Garnering the esteemed NALFA certification, this collection stands as a paragon of waterproof and durable flooring solutions.

CALI’s Strategic Alliance with NALFA

Setting New Standards in Laminate Flooring:

CALI’s affiliation with NALFA heralds a new chapter of excellence and innovation in laminate flooring. NALFA, known for its rigorous certification process, validates products that meet its high standards for performance, durability, and environmental stewardship. CALI Laminate Shorebreak’s certification underscores the collection’s superior waterproof capabilities, offering homeowners and industry partners a flooring option that combines aesthetic appeal with unmatched resilience.

The Shorebreak Collection: A Synthesis of Beauty and Durability

Natural Realism Meets Peak Performance:

The Shorebreak collection is designed to emulate the intricate and natural beauty of stone and marble, coupled with the high performance that CALI is renowned for. This innovative laminate tile product not only enhances indoor spaces with its realistic designs but also offers the practical benefits of being waterproof, making it ideal for various applications across residential and commercial settings.

Cali Floors

NALFA Certification: A Seal of Trust and Quality

Elevating Flooring Standards:

The NALFA certification of the Shorebreak collection is a significant accolade, reflecting CALI’s adherence to the highest industry standards. This validation is pivotal, as it assures partners and homeowners of the collection’s reliability and quality. Waterproof capabilities are particularly crucial in flooring solutions, as they ensure longevity and maintain aesthetic integrity in face of spills and moisture.

CALI’s Commitment to Excellence:

Doug Jackson, President of CALI, expressed his enthusiasm for the Shorebreak collection’s market introduction and the NALFA certification. Jackson’s statement highlights CALI’s dedication to innovation and quality, assuring dealers and their customers of the value and reliability embedded in every product. The NALFA seal is not just an endorsement of the Shorebreak collection’s features but a testament to CALI’s overarching commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: Pioneering the Future of Laminate Flooring

CALI’s induction into NALFA and the launch of the certified Laminate Shorebreak collection mark a pivotal moment in the flooring industry. These developments not only signify CALI’s position as a leader in flooring innovation but also reaffirm its dedication to delivering high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solutions. As CALI continues to expand its offerings, the Shorebreak collection stands as a beacon of what the future holds for laminate flooring, combining the beauty of natural elements with the peak performance and durability modern lifestyles demand.

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