Tarkett Revolutionizes Commercial Flooring with Expanded QuickShip Program

Tarkett Flooring

Swift Delivery Meets Style and Innovation in Tarkett’s Enhanced Offering

Solon, Ohio – In a significant move to address the evolving needs of the commercial flooring market, Tarkett has announced the expansion of its QuickShip program, making a larger portion of its commercial product catalog readily available for fast delivery. This update offers dealers, architects, and designers rapid access to 73 soft surface products, ensuring nationwide delivery within just five working days.

Addressing Industry Challenges with Expedited Solutions

Paul Young, Tarkett’s Senior Vice President of Market Segments, Product, Innovation, Design & Sustainability, emphasized the importance of this initiative. “With the current time pressures on commercial projects and ongoing supply chain challenges, it’s crucial to provide our products promptly to our customers,” he noted. Tarkett’s revamped QuickShip program aims to deliver not only speed but also a harmoniously coordinated selection of popular and newly introduced products, ensuring that quality and design are not compromised for speed.

A Curated Collection Designed for Cohesion and Quality

The QuickShip collection has been meticulously curated to offer functional and aesthetic harmony, presenting a complete solution that meets the demands of tight schedules and high standards. Among the offerings are several product portfolios that incorporate Tarkett’s leading-edge technologies. One standout is the Powerbond RS hybrid carpet, distinguished by its certification as asthma & allergy friendly by Allergy Standards Ltd. This innovative flooring solution features an impermeable, closed-cell cushion backing and chemically welded seams, creating a wall-to-wall moisture barrier that inhibits microbial growth and facilitates easy allergen removal.

Tarkett Flooring

Innovative Technologies and Sustainable Choices

The program also showcases Tarkett’s ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology, organized into portfolios by price point. This Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver non-PVC backing, made from post-consumer recycled PVB from automotive windshields and architectural glass, underscores Tarkett’s commitment to sustainability.

Flexible Ordering Options for a Range of Project Sizes

Tarkett’s QuickShip program accommodates orders of various sizes, from as large as 1,500 square yards to as small as a single carton of modular carpet tile or five square yards of Powerbond hybrid carpet, all with a remarkable one-week lead time. This flexibility ensures that projects of any scale can benefit from Tarkett’s quality and innovation without delay.

Exploring Tarkett’s QuickShip Collection

For those interested in exploring the full range of products available through this enhanced program or wishing to order samples, Tarkett invites professionals to delve into the collection. This initiative represents a significant step forward in meeting the industry’s need for speed, quality, and design excellence in commercial flooring solutions.

Tarkett’s expanded QuickShip program is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and customer service, setting a new standard for the commercial flooring industry.


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