Shaw Industries Honored with 2024 Training APEX Award by Training Magazine

Training Apex Winner

In a significant acknowledgment of its steadfast commitment to fostering an enriching work environment, Shaw Industries has been distinguished as a 2024 Training APEX Award winner by Training magazine. This recognition not only underscores Shaw’s exclusive position as the sole flooring manufacturer on the list but also celebrates its 20th consecutive year of achieving this prestigious accolade.

A Culture of Continuous Learning and Growth

Underpinning Shaw’s repeated success is its clear, transparent approach to delineating the knowledge, experience, competencies, and personal attributes essential for each role within the company. This strategic clarity enables associates to identify and engage in training opportunities that align with both their personal ambitions and the company’s long-term objectives.

Rhett Smith, Director of Learning and Development at Shaw, expressed pride in the company’s longstanding tradition of excellence in training. “Being named to the Training APEX awards list for the 20th consecutive year is a tremendous honor for Shaw,” Smith remarked. “This recognition reflects our relentless dedication to training and development, bolstered by the hard work and dedication of our associates and our comprehensive training initiatives.”

Recognition of a Leading Learning Organization

The Training APEX Awards celebrate organizations that exhibit an exceptional commitment to employee-sponsored training and development programs. The 2024 rankings were derived from a comprehensive analysis of qualitative and quantitative criteria, including the extent of training programs, the total training budget, and the tangible business outcomes resulting from these educational efforts.

Lorri Freifeld, editor/publisher of Training, praised the winners for their contributions to the learning and development industry. “The 2024 Training APEX Awards winners are luminaries in learning and development, guiding the way for innovative and continuous learning,” said Freifeld. “We’re excited to acknowledge their significant achievements and their dedication to enhancing employee and organizational growth.”

Shaw Carpet

Shaw’s Ongoing Investment in Associate Development

Shaw Industries maintains its ethos as a learning organization by ensuring its comprehensive learning and development resources are accessible to its approximately 20,000 associates worldwide, whether in-person or virtually. In 2023 alone, Shaw associates accumulated over 1 million hours in training courses, demonstrating the company’s dedication to empowering its workforce, spurring innovation, and expanding knowledge. This substantial investment in training is instrumental in equipping Shaw associates to meet the demands of their roles effectively, thereby elevating the overall customer experience.


Shaw Industries’ recognition as a 2024 Training APEX Award winner is a reflection of its unwavering dedication to creating a supportive environment that values learning and development. Through its commitment to excellence in training, Shaw continues to empower its associates, drive innovation, and deliver superior customer service, setting a benchmark for excellence in the flooring industry and beyond.


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